5 Features of UES

Activated carbon product processing example

We have wide range of processing lineup including catalyst processing to impregnate noble metals, nano milling, sachet processing, sheet processing, and filter processing with the use of high-quality coconut shell activated carbon as raw material.

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UES is committed to addressing global changes such as carbon-neutral and a circular economy, aiming to contribute to nature, the environment, and society. To achieve this, UES is dedicated to the effective utilization of biochar derived from wood biomass power generation. Biochar is produced by carbonizing biomass, effectively stabilizing and retaining carbon over an extended period. This environmentally cleansing technology has gained attention for its potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and mitigate global warming.UES's new charcoal series, "SDGs Pellet Carbon," is available in a wide range of options and can be utilized for various purposes. We highly recommend this product to individuals and organizations aiming for a carbon-neutral society, as it offers abundant choices to meet their specific needs.