Nano particulate activated carbon

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Nano particulate activated carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon pulverized to nanoparticle level

Protect the raw material
We were able to create nanoparticles by gentle soft wet grinding of raw materials.
Spherical particles
We created spherical particles over time in order not to impair the function and effect of the material
A spray dryer is used to prevent contamination and dry the material with high temperature vortex flow.


The UES nanoparticle activated carbon is a coconut shell activated carbon with high purity, refined to a high level, and strong hardness, with an average particle size of 300nm.


Research and development materials for advanced technology fields such as novel materials and medical treatment.

Quality specifications (analysis example)

Shape Nanoparticles
BET surface area 1354.5㎡/g
Particle size(MESH) 394nm
Packing density 0.37g/㎤
Ash content 0.1%
Loss on drying 4.6%
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