Magnetic activated carbon

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Magnetic activated carbon

Magnetized activated carbon

Activated carbon with magnetic power
Ferrite is mixed with porous activated carbon and then the mixture is integrated, granulated and magnetized.
Permanent magnetism
It has permanent magnetism and will attract iron (about 120-140 Gauss)
Washing water
Water treated with magnetic activated carbon has improved osmotic force and detergency. It may be used as a "washing water".


UES' magnetic activated carbon is activated carbon with magnetic power brought about by its own original processing method used on coconut shell activated carbon.


For washing, and to suppress the elution of iron and inhibit scale accumulation, etc.

Quality specifications (analysis example)

Shape Ball-shaped
Particle size(MESH) Φ5~7㎜
Packing density 1.14g/㎤
Minimum Lot Please contact us

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