Activated carbon for EDLC

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Activated carbon for EDLC

Manufactured with the highest level of activation technology and refining technology

Eco electrode materials
High-quality coconut shell activated carbon derived from plants is used as EDLC electrode material.
Extensive surface area
Activated carbon with very fine pores can store and discharge electrons and ions instantaneously. Shows superior results in the periodic life test.
High-quality management
Trace metals contained in the high activation coconut shell activated carbon are refined to a high level to increase purity.


This activated charcoal has been refined to increase its purity. It is a highly activated, high-quality refined coconut shell activated carbon for EDLC.


Electrode materials, for EDLC

Technical data

EDLC capacitance characteristics
Rated capacitance F/g 124 Terminal voltage: 2.5V
Capacitance per volume F/cc 68 Terminal voltage: 2.5V

Quality specifications (analysis example)

Shape Powder
BET surface area 1637.7㎡/g
Particle size(MESH) 6.179µm
Packing density 0.50g/㎤
Ash content 0.1%
Loss on drying 5.1%
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