Refractory activated carbon

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Refractory activated carbon

Non-burning activated carbon

Normal activated carbon ignites at 350°C-400°C, but the ignition temperature of this product is 600°C or higher.
Compared with our standard coconut shell activated carbon, the deodorizing performance of this product is 80% or more.
Two-layer structure
The core was finished with an activated carbon layer with deodorizing properties, and its surrounding with a refractory layer or inorganic porous zeolite.


The UES refractory activated carbon reached an ignition temperature of 600°C or more by the addition of our own original processing method while using coconut shell activated carbon.


Activated carbon for deodorization of fireproof materials

Quality specifications (analysis example)

Shape Ball-shaped
Material Activated carbon, zeolite, viscosity class
Particle size(MESH) Φ5~7㎜
Packing density 0.74g/㎤
Minimum Lot Please contact us