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Ag catalytic activated carbon

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Ag catalytic activated carbon

Has antibacterial properties due to silver ion

Antibacterial action
Silver ion, the positive charged atom of silver (cation) adsorbs bacteria and kills cell enzymes.
Silver is very safe since it is also used as dishes and utensils from the old days. It also has a wide range of application as an antibacterial agent in a wet environment.
Measures against slime
It suppresses bacterial growth, so it has an effect on the occurrence and prevention of slime (slimy mycelia) and algae.

On silver ion (Ag+)

The microorganisms that are targeted from control during the antimicrobial and antifungal processing of silver are mainly bacteria and fungi (molds).
Silver ion strongly adsorbs to cells of various bacteria and kills them by blocking bacterial cell enzymes.
Silver ion strongly adsorbs to cells of various bacteria and kills them by blocking bacterial cell enzymes. It is possible to prevent the occurrence of slime (slimy mycelia) and algae by controlling bacteria.
Eubacteria is a very diverse group of bacteria that includes Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, cyanobacteria, etc., which exist in every environment on Earth.


Our Ag catalytic activated carbon is an activated carbon with silver impregnated in nanoparticle state into a high-quality coconut shell activated carbon with excellent adsorption action. It possesses antibacterial properties due to the silver ion.

  • Water purification effect

    Water purification effect

  • Comparative experiment with sakaki plant

    Comparative experiment with sakaki plant

  • Micrograph of silver catalyst

    Micrograph of silver catalyst


For water purification

*Suppression of common viable bacteria such as E. coli

*Suppresses the outbreak of various bacteria in the water of vases of roses, sakaki plant, etc.

Quality specifications(analysis example)

Shape Granular
BET surface area 1168.6㎡/g
Hardness 98.8%
Particle size (MESH) 20x50
Packing density 0.61g/c㎡
Ash content 1.1%
Catalyst Silver
Loss on drying 10.9%
Minimum Lot 10kg〜

Product processing example

  • Product processing example  Raw materials processing

    Raw materials processing

  • Product processing example  Sachet processing

    Sachet processing

  • Product processing example  Filter processing

    Filter processing