Activated carbon nonwoven fabric filter

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Activated carbon nonwoven fabric filter

Strongly removes odorants for comfortable space

Deodorizing capability
It deodorizes odors and a wide range of gaseous pollutants.
Activated carbon amount
The deodorizing effect is enormous since a large amount of activated carbon is used.
Low cost
It is a low-cost disposable deodorizing filter for business use.


In order to improve handling, powdered activated carbon is impregnated into a nonwoven fabric base material.

  • Sheet surface

    Sheet surface


Deodorization, gas adsorption, air purifier filter, air filter, vegetable freshness preservation, factory air conditioning

Quality Specifications

Base material PET Nonwoven
Width 1000㎜
Length 20m (can be changed)
Thickness (mm) Activated carbon quantity
Allowance (%)
0.9 70 ±10
1.2 120 ±10
3.5 215 ±10

Product processing example

  • Product processing example  Filter frame processing

    Filter frame processing

  • Product processing example  Deformation cut

    Deformation cut