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Company Profile

Our Vision

We contribute to the realization of a more abundant environment by valuing natural materials, harnessing skilled processing techniques, and offering products that enhance functionality.

Aiming to be a reliable activated carbon manufacturer

We will uphold the basic stand of our company of "Quality First" and deliver safe and high-quality activated carbon to our customers.
Through high-quality coconut shell activated carbon, we aim to contribute to the business of our customers, and aim to be a company that will benefit society.

Basic Policy

Listen to our customer's voice

We will listen eagerly to the voice of our customers and try to manufacture an activated carbon that meets their request.

We will respond quickly

We will respond in a speedy manner with the keywords "accurate", quick", and "thorough" in mind.

We look for value

We aim for "quality" and "service" that would please our customers beyond their expectation

We manage strict product quality

We quantify the quality of our products using highly reliable analytical equipment.

Overview of Company

Company Name UES (Ueda Environmental Solutions) Co., Ltd.
Head Office Ueda Building, 2-1-24 Kumanocho Higashi, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka 590-0946
Factory 3894-51 Asso, Kamitonda-cho, Nishimuru-gun, Wakayama 649-2105
Representative Director Toshiya Ueda
Capital 39 million yen
Establishment May 2, 2003
(We changed our corporate name and started business from April 1, 2004)
Description of business Production, processing, and sale of activated
carbon and activated carbon processed products.
Production, processing,
and sale of activated carbon filters.
Import and export business related to the above.
Operations Department UES Operations Department
Ueda Shikimono Business Department
Affiliated Company Ueda Holdings Co., Ltd.