Oil adsorption sheet

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Oil adsorption sheet

An oil adsorption sheet made from coconut.

Oil adsorption
We use natural oil adsorbing material from coconuts on the inside surface.
Nonwoven fabric material
Nonwoven fabric materials can also quickly absorb liquids and oils.
Cutting is possible
If necessary, please cut with scissors before use.


It is a sheet finished by sandwiching the natural oil adsorbent material of coconuts on the inner side of the nonwoven fabric.
It quickly absorbs oil on the water surface and oil around the machine. Wiping off is also easy. NETIS registration: KK-060023


Around the machine, foot wipes, places susceptible to oil, prevention of oil stains on floors, when disassembling machines

Quality Specifications

Oil adsorption (L/m2) 4.44
Size 1000㎜×20m
Thickness 2㎜
Minimum Lot Please contact us

Product processing example

  • Sheet processing

    Sheet processing

  • Sheet processing