Activated carbon mesh cloth

Part No.
Activated carbon SF sheet

Processed activated carbon into mesh cloth with excellent breathability and strength

Deodorizing and purifying
Adsorbs a large amount of gas and liquid phase odors and organic substances.
Protective function
Activated carbon is also used for protection in chemical, biohazards, radioactives, etc.
Value addition
Functions can be added by catalytic processing.


A thin high-performance sheet finished without using binders as much as possible with the superior properties of activated carbon left intact.
Functionality can be improved by attaching catalysts and chemicals to the activated carbon.

  • Thick fabric (Double Russell)

    Thick fabric (Double Russell)

  • Thin fabric (knits)

    Thin fabric (knits)


Filter materials for deodorization, separation, purification,solvent recovery, gas masks and air-conditioning, etc.

Protective layer material for deodorization, heat insulation, humidity control, chemicals, biological disasters, radiation, etc.

Quality Specifications

Base material Processed into woven fabrics such as knits and Russell
Item Shape Size Activated carbon quantity
Thick fabric (Double Russell) Sheet w1000 x L2000 x t.8.0mm 150 g/㎡(±10%)
Thin fabric (knits) Roll w1000 x L20m x t.0.3mm 32 g/㎡(±10%)