Pleated filter

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Pleated filter

Highly efficient pleated filter with a large surface area

High collecting capability
This product provides cleaner air with its high collecting capabilities and the deodorizing action of the activated carbon.
Low pressure drop and long life
It has low pressure drop and has a long life. Furthermore, since installation space is small, it is easy to handle.
Uses high-quality activated carbon
It is a highly efficient deodorizer because of the high-quality activated carbon being used.
Addition of functionality
Functionalities such as catalyst processing can be added depending on your request.


The pleated type filter is very practical to use since it is lightweight and compact, but has a large filtration surface area and is quite easy to handle. We respond to various requests in terms of deodorization, catalyst, and frame finish.


Air purifier, car interior air filter, ventilation opening, others

Quality Specifications

Material PE, rayon composite nonwoven fabric, PP net, others
Maximum size 400㎜×400㎜
Height 10㎜~50㎜
Pitch Please contact us
Minimum Lot Please contact us

Product processing example

  • Dust collecting pleat processing (HP)

    Dust collecting pleat processing (HP)

  • Ribbon processing (RB)

    Ribbon processing (RB)

  • Ribbon processing (RB)

    Ribbon processing (RB)