Activated carbon pillow processing (large)

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Activated carbon pillow processing (large)

Large pillow processing

Large size
Activated carbon from 120g to 750g is filled into a nonwoven fabric and the sachet is back sealed.


We can add to the sachets activated carbon, zeolite and others according to the customer's application and purpose at the size and content quantity desired.

  • Vegetable and fruits freshness keeping agent

    Vegetable and fruits freshness keeping agent


Deodorization, gas adsorption, humidity control in general and industrial goods, and subdivided packaging, etc.

Quality Specifications

package PET nonwoven fabric, gas permeable perforated film
Filling Activated carbon, silica gel, zeolite, etc.
Width 140、170、200㎜
Length 150~300㎜
Filler content Please contact us
Minimum Lot Depends on the lot of the packaging material

Product processing example

  • Product processing example  Continuous sachets supply

    Continuous sachets supply