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Pt catalytic activated carbon

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Pt catalytic activated carbon

Activated carbon supporting platinum on the catalyst

Platinum itself has a catalytic property to react with other substances without changing.
High performance
Platinum is expensive but it has superior catalytic performance
High efficiency
Platinum is supported at a nano level by a high-quality coconut shell activated carbon with large surface area.


Our platinum catalytic activated carbon is activated carbon with platinum impregnated in nanoparticle state into a high-quality coconut shell activated carbon with excellent adsorption action. It possesses catalytic function due to platinum.

  • Photomicrograph of Pt catalyst

    Photomicrograph of Pt catalyst


Removal of VOC (volatile organic matter) in exhaust gas, etc.

Quality specifications(analysis example)

Shape Granular
BET surface area 849.5㎡/g
Hardness 97.5%
Particle size (MESH) 20x50
Packing density 0.65g/㎤
Ash content 3.6%
Catalyst Platinum
Loss on drying 7.4%
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Product processing example

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    Raw materials processing

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