Metal catalyst

Copper catalytic activated carbon

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Copper catalytic activated carbon

Deodorizing effect is increased with metal ions

Deodorant action
It activates oxygen in the air with the copper ions, and reduces malodorous substances
Copper is abundant on Earth, low in toxicity, and is people and environment-friendly.
High efficiency
Copper is supported at a nano level by a high-quality coconut shell activated carbon with large surface area.


Our copper catalytic activated carbon is activated carbon with copper impregnated in nanoparticle state into a high-quality coconut shell activated carbon with excellent adsorption action. It possesses deodorizing function due to copper.


Increases the NO2 and H2S removal performance

*Antimicrobial effect resulting from the oligodynamic metal action of copper ions

Quality specifications(analysis example)

Shape Granular
BET surface area 185.3㎡/g
Hardness 97%
Particle size(MESH) 20x50
Packing density 0.62g/㎤
Ash content 2.4%
Catalyst Copper
Loss on drying 8.8%
Minimum Lot 100kg〜

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