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Granular activated carbon

Part No.
Granular activated carbon

Activated carbon with less scattering and dust generation

It is easy to dissolve
It is hard to clump and is easy to melt.
Since particle size is uniform, it is characterized as granular, with good fluidity and minimal scattering and dust generation.
Since filling with automatic dispensing machine is good, powder is less likely to adhere to the seal part.


UES' granular activated carbon is a product wherein a binder is added to highly pure and highly activated coconut shell activated carbon, which are then extruded and processed into granules

  • Particle size:0.6mm

    Particle size:0.6mm

  • Particle size:1.0mm

    Particle size:1.0mm

  • Particle size:1.5mm

    Particle size:1.5mm


Chemical products, supplements, etc.

Quality specifications (analysis example)

Shape Granulated coal
BET surface area 917.7㎡/g
Particle size(MESH) Sample street
Packing density 0.28g/㎤
Ash content 0.1 %
Loss on drying 9.1%
Minimum lot 100kg~

Product processing example

  • Product processing example Sachet processing

    Sachet processing