Activated carbon paper

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Activated carbon paper

Airlined paper containing activated carbon

Air purification
It is excellent for removing odor and VOCs with activated carbon.
Recycled paper
Since recycled paper is used, it is environment-friendly, inexpensive, and easy to use.
Embossed structure
It has excellent air permeability and cushioning because of its embossed structure.


It is an inexpensive and environment-friendly buffering sheet finished by processing the activated carbon into craft paper with its effects left intact.

  • Activated carbon paper: surface

    Activated carbon paper: surface


Prevention of odor diffusion after painting at detached houses and facilities.

Prevents odor transfer in cartons or containers

Cover the source of odor with the sheet

Quality Specifications

* For external processing, please contact us and inquire on the material, size, winding length, lot, etc.