Activated carbon SF sheet

Part No.
Activated carbon SF sheet

For fields which require addition of functionality to conventional products

Deodorization and purification
Superior deodorization and purification capabilities
It is superior in safety.


A thin high-performance sheet finished without using binders as much as possible with the superior properties of activated carbon left intact.
Functionality can be improved by attaching catalysts and chemicals to the activated carbon.

  • Sheet surface

    Sheet surface

  • Example of use: masks

    Example of use: masks

  • Water resistant

    Water resistant


Easy addition of functionality, such as masks and filters just by pinching

Quality Specifications

Base material Nonwoven,etc
Width 170mm (max.350mm)
Length 300m (max.1000m)
Thickness 0.1 mm aprx.
Activated carbon quantity 10g/m2 aprx.

Test Data

Test results
Test items Initial concentration
After 1 hour
Toluene 20 0
Xylene 10 0
Formaldehyde 8 0
Ammonia 80 0 On catalytic processed
Test method

A sample (14×15.5 cm) and a predetermined concentration of gas were placed in a 2L plastic bag,
and the gas concentration after 1 hour was measured with a detector tube.

Pressure loss
Test results

Measurements: 10Pa (wind speed 1.0ms/s)
*Tested with in-house test equipment

Antibacterial (Additional catalytic processed )