Activated charcoal sachets (extra small)

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Activated charcoal sachets (extra small)

It is an extra small size suitable for medical supplies, measuring instruments, etc.

Sachet processing
Extra small sachets are processed into single packages and continuous packages using sanitary nonwoven fabric that does not generate dust, with the content of the activated carbon ranging from 0.2 g to 0.5 g.
It can be filled into small bags of various materials such as waterproof and oil proof paper, PET nonwoven fabric, mesh, and so on.
We conduct the bagging to packing work under a clean management system.

Example of use


The sachet processing will be done using UES' activated carbon selected according to the customer's application and purpose with the size and content quantity of their choice.

  • Continuous packages

    Continuous packages

  • Nonwoven fabric

    Nonwoven fabric

  • Mesh



Deodorant, gas adsorbent, cleaning agent/p>

*Medical supplies, water purification supplies, household goods, measuring instruments, precision instruments, etc.

Quality Specifications

Material PET, Nonwoven fabric, Mesh, etc.
Width 25、30㎜(Stick type:15㎜)
Length 30~55㎜(Stick type:30~100㎜)
Filling Activated carbon, silica gel, zeolite, etc.
Filler content 0.2~0.5g(Stick type:Please contact us)
Minimum Lot Please contact us

Product processing example

  • Product processing example  Continuous sachets supply

    Continuous sachets supply

  • Product processing example Horizontal pillow Packaging

    Horizontal pillow Packaging