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Catalytic activated carbon for fruits and vegetables

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Catalytic activated carbon for fruits and vegetables

You can adjust the CA environment by simply placing the product inside the packaging material

Special catalytic activated carbon
The CA environment inside the pack can be adjusted for putrefaction gas removal, moisture control, antibacterial action, etc. in order to retard the progression of ripening, softening, discoloration, and preserve freshness for a long time.
You can choose the most appropriate product
The type of catalyst can be changed depending on the fruit and vegetable to be preserved, and you can choose the most suitable one for your business from the 5 types we have prepared
Secure and safe
Activated carbon made from high quality coconut shell. It has a large surface area for adsorption of putrefaction gases as well as the superior effect of preventing transpiration of moisture in fruits and vegetables.


The freshness of vegetables and fruits depends on the surrounding environment. Degradation factors such as putrefaction gases like ethylene gas, acetaldehyde and ammonia, moisture transpiration, low temperature injury, and fungi and bacteria, and their corresponding effects vary depending on the fruits and vegetables.

UES' catalytic activated carbon to preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables (Trademark: VEGFINE®) is an activated carbon wherein highly safe organic materials were chosen for coconut shell activated carbon with superior adsorption action, which was then impregnated with a catalyst. It eliminates various deterioration factors for each fruit and vegetable as well as adjusts the CA environment


Preserves the freshness of vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. (For packing)

Specification Table

Freshness preservative for fruits and vegetables: "VEGFINE" product lineup
Type Application Part No. Size Weight/piece Quantity
AType VFgraphA Vegetable and Fruit A Classification Vegetable, Fruit, Flower
Celery, cucumber, Japanese mustard spinach, shiso (perilla), carnation, banana, string beans
VF-A30 30×30mm 0.5g 1000×8=8000
VF-A40 30×40mm 0.7g 1000×8=8000
VF-A60 75×60mm 5.3g 200×10=2000
VF-A90 75×90mm 12.1g 100×10=1000
VF-A120 75×120mm 21.5g 60×10=600
BType VFgraphB Vegetable and Fruit B Classification Vegetable, Fruit, Flower
Asparagus, tomato, chrysanthemum
VF-B30 30×30mm 0.5g 1000×8=8000
VF-B40 30×40mm 0.7g 1000×8=8000
VF-B60 75×60mm 5.3g 200×10=2000
VF-B90 75×90mm 12.1g 100×10=1000
VF-B120 75×120mm 21.5g 60×10=600
KType VFgraphK For strawberries Fruits the mold easily
Strawberry, broccoli
VF-K30 30×30mm 0.5g 1000×8=8000
VF-K60 75×60mm 5.3g 200×10=2000
VF-K90 75×90mm 12.1g 100×12=1200
VF-K120 75×120mm 21.5g 60×10=600
NType VFgraphN Only for green onions Cut green onions, green onions with no roots
Cut green onions, green onions with no roots
VF-N30 30×30mm 0.5g 1000×8=8000
VF-N60 75×60mm 5.3g 200×10=2000
VF-N90 75×90mm 12.1g 100×10=1000
VF-N120 75×120mm 21.5g 60×10=600
SType VFgraphS For shiitake mushrooms only Tray packs
Shiitake mushrooms
VF-S30 30×30mm 0.5g 1000×8=8000
VF-S40 30×40mm 0.7g 1000×8=8000

We can also make products of other sizes. Please contact us for details.

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