5 Features of UES

Activated carbon product processing example

We have wide range of processing lineup including catalyst processing to impregnate noble metals, nano milling, sachet processing, sheet processing, and filter processing with the use of high-quality coconut shell activated carbon as raw material.

Flow of orders

  • We respond to our customer's diverse needs.
    Please tell us your request.

    In addition to the information requested by our company such as "quality, product shape, size, quantity", please also give us additional information on "application, purpose, and degree of necessity".
    We can actualize a product more concretely and in a speedy manner from the image of the product that you have.

  • We will prototype a small quantity of samples for evaluation.

    Once the customer's request is clarified, we will send the most suitable product sample or prototype a small number of samples.

  • Please evaluate the sample.

    Once the sample is evaluated and it is fine with you, allow us to send you a quote.
    If you agree with the quote, please send us your order.